Miami Beach, Florida

Places to visit.

Miami is one of the most tourism active cities. Expect it to be harsh. Never ever take your belongings to the beach and leave them unattended while swimming. Never. You might get lucky during the day but at night you can test, bring a bag of some stuff inside and go swimming. In less than a minute your stuff will be gone. There is bunch of people going to the ocean to have sex at night. Those types of visitors are one of the main targets of these thieves that are all over the beach waiting for you.
There are lots of homeless people that will tbeg your money on every corner. They come to you quite fast. Just ignore them and dont go into any  conversation.
There are bunch of professional pocket pickers. I know some of them.
There are lots of “tourist thieves” that come down mostly from Detroit, Chicago and New Jersey to rob you on the street or smaller back alleys.
There is another group I call scams. Local and tourists. They will talk a lot and at some point will borrow money from you or ask to invest in some miracles. If someone is super friendly and talks a lot, especially if they’re and from NY or Boston – avoid quickly.
Disregard the Beach and Downtown, turn om the TV news and you will get familiar with the Miami metropolitan area – bank robberies, shop lifting , car jacking on highway, driveby shootings – stuff you see in movies still happens here everyday. Stay closer to the beaches and you will be safe. City of Miami depends on tourists and they put huge efforts to keep heavy crimes outside the Miami Beach.

Accept the fact that there are no free girls in Miami Beach. Unless you’re looking for hookers, strippers and golddiggers, those are plenty here. If there is a girl that is single but not in the types above, she is probably crazy, seriously crazy, or drug addict, or still in drama with her ex.