My moving to USA story..

Day 21

Got my bike a soft saddle cover, went to Bayside to visit my friend and have a lunch. Overall spent about 2 hours cycling today, feeling good!
The finals game in San Antonio. Went to a german bar because I really wanted some good beer. Beer was probably one of the best you can find around south beach. But they advertised to watch the Heat game finals and while i could watch the game the sound volume was too low. I asked the girl to turn up and she did it but then somebody turned it off so that we could not hear anything at all. They said they couldnt take orders. I could clearly hear the game from another bar (Groovy’s) so I just went to the other bar.
Miami lost this one so the finals are over. Spurs deserved the victory, Im just surprised how funny is the coach of Miami team, seems like he just doesnt kniw what to do. Anyway second place for Miami Heat is great achievment.
I really need to move somewhere. Maybe New York?

Day 22

Daniel, my potentional employer asked if I wanted to work on trial basis, which would be a few days and then see how it goes. Ok, I’m being lazy here anyway.
Went to Post office, sent a toy for my dog, the shipping costs were more than the toy itself.
Spent most of the day at Freehand as the internet in our hostel is not working. My servers have problems again, not good.
Flight tickets have increased significantly, so Im not sure if I will fly to NY. Should have bought the tickets yesterday. If I dont go now there will probably be no other chance I guess :/
Went for a tasty meal at Sushi express

Day 23

Daniel postponed our meeting from 1pm to 4pm. Ok, more time to sleep. I received email from Formula Drift – they approved my media pass. Got on bus to ride to work, then Daniel called and said he cant make it so we postponed till thursday. Plane tickets have increased again. So its definitely I am not going to NY.
Lazy day.

Day 24

Did some stuff for my websites. And again lazy day. In the evening we sat outside and drank rumcola. With one of the guys we went down to Ocean drive, others went to club Liv, which is not what i wanted to do. The other guy is around 40 or smth. On our way we talked and decided we have different needs – I want to find a real woman and start a family, he wants to find some bitches to fuck. Met Richard on Ocean drive, nice surprise, he is living in a hotel with some girl.

Day 25

Woke up with a bit of a headache.
Phone battery dead. Quick shower and ran out to ride to “work”. Got on a wrong bus to downtown miami, lost some 20mins. Arriving at omni station in downtown i took the right bus but wrong direction. Another 30min lost. Feel like i should have bought the NY tickets and forget about this job, but i really need some money :/
Arrived at the place, first time I ever saw a big turtle swimming in a lake.
Job stuff was ok, spent ~4hours and headed back to bus, it was a heavy rain so I got totally wet. And then I stepped on the bus which had the AC on as usual, damn I got cold :D
Went to Bayside, spent some time with L and got myself a fish burger, damn that was nice. And sunset with rainbow was kinda cool.
Returned to the hostel. It was Puff Daddy night at the Story but online tickets were sold out so I just went to sleep.

Day 26

Went to “work”. On the bus one asshole from Ocean drive was sitting behind me and asked “buddy can i use your phone?”. Wtf.
Work was quite good I guess, did 2 tasks while I was assigned just one. Went back, again it was raining but not that much today. Again I went to Bayside for some food. When I got it some dirty bum came up to me and just said “Can I eat with you?”. Yeah right, disgusting.
But the view was nice though!

Back at hostel spent some 5 hours writing an artivle for a team participating in Nurburgring. I was done by 1am, mixed up myself bourbon and cola and went for a 2 hour walk down to Story and back via Ocean drive. Same old shit, just a prostitute really wanted to spend time. No time baby.
Couldnt reach Richard on phone, met his friend, he said Rich is somewhere in downtown, might come around tomorrow.

Day 27

Saturday, want to go to the beach. But its Formula Drift live. Watched all day. Damn I wish I was there.


Wanted to watch the Nurburgring 24hour endurance race too but they suddenly have blocked video access to USA. Went to Japanese team site and their live stream was blocked as well. Wtf germany??
Evening plan was going to club Story as two of currently active producers were playing – Justin Martin and Eats Everything. Didnt wand to spend 40usd for online ticket so I was suggested to go to a hostel called BIKINI as their promoter is taking people to the club. Before that I wanted to go to Decowalk rooftop as they also do those promotions – 35usd which cover free drinks on rooftop bar and entry to the club.
Took a sip of the bourbon I had as a gift from a friend at farewell party, damn it is nice and Ive spent most of the bottle mixing it with cola? Went directly to liqour store and picked up a 1.7L Jack Daniels. Mixed up a coctail and set off. Didnt have much time, so I went directly to Bikini hostel. Used android app Lyft for the first time, works well, first rides free! Arriving at Bikini hostel I was surprised to meet bartender from Decowalk! He said he will be working there as Decowalk rooftop had just closed for restauration and that will take some 3 months. Got discount on wristband as I was too late to enjoy free drinks. Almost an hour passed and the promoter had disappeared. There were a lot of people outside the hostel so I started asking around and it turned out nobody is going to the club, except few guys I met before and they were gone. Apparently they had left and I didnt notice it so I went to the club again with Lyft. Met the promoter at the club and got a free drink. The night was awesome, spent 4 hours there, great music just for my taste! Talked to couple girls, from the looks I could tell their boyfriends weren’t happy about it.
In the morning Simona told I was back by 6am

Day 28

Got out of bed at 2pm. Was a lazy day with facebook and youtube. Ordered myself nee vape stuff – Aerotank Mega and Taifun GT, as I broke my first tank and yhe one i have left i just dont really like.
By the evening I contacted a guy that had spent his week at Formula D in New Jersey and he agreed to send me some shots. So I have no choice but to spend my night writing an article for my site. Grabbed a coffee at 7-11 and started writing until finished at… 7:30am. Damn.

Day 29

Since i went to sleep at 7:30am and woke up ar 10:30am to go to work it was an exhausting day. Nevertheless my potential employer seems to like me and gave me some kind of contract to fill out at home.
When I am sleeping little like this day, I get stupid, I think. While everyone was worried about job and stuff, I felt like partying. So trying I bought a 1.7 liter Jack Daniels and put it on the table. Damn we got drunk as fk. Went out later to Ocean drive as I really felt like getting some fast food. Got a pizza, oh delicious.
Cant remember the way back home though.

Day 30

Woke up at 12. Just about time to leave for work. Still a bit tipsy. Guys at reception said I had fallen asleep in the front of hostel with my phone and wallet in front of me. Damn gotta be careful :/.
Went to work it was hard but not as hard as day before when I was sleepy.
Not much of a day.
Went to Hiro’s Sushi express, love it.