My moving to USA story..

Bo goes to Hollywood. Day 1

Day 1
Flights are short, connection in Copenhagen, total trip to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) is about 16 hours.

Did you know there is Hollywood at FLL? :)
Arrived at the airport. Passport control as usual, no less than 30 minutes. Soon after the officer found out my green card was in california – i was sent to immigration office to check my file. Of course there were a lot of people already dealing with their issues – somebody “lost” their card, somebody forgot it, somebody just got dumped by wife thus losing the green card.

After a while  (about an hour) I was let through and answered a couple of questions. Yay, I escape the airport!

Then thankfully I was picked up by a fellow friend from my country and got to my hostel. A little walk to local 24hour shop and back to sleep.

Day 2

In my hostel i share with a guy from Italy who has work visa and is having lifeguard classes but leaving 2 days later. And a guy from Brazil who is living here without papers. I woke up at 6am because of the AC, the room was freezing.

I take a quick walk to the beach and time for some quick shopping for small necessary stuff. Time flies. Found some bigger grocery stores to prove that some better food can be found yay!! Still soon enough I get weak and taste my first fast food at Subway’s. Got back to do some work and decide to go to get my SSN but time goes quick and its 5pm. I get on the bus to take a 1.5hour ride to Sunrise to meet a friend at tuning garage Kab Customs. Do I need to tell how bus rides are terribly boring? All blocks are the same, same shops, same type of buildings, no landscape views or anything unusual. 20min walk from bus to the garage and I’m back in automotive world. We drive to a car shop for parts and I am surprised that they are much bigger than in my country, you can buy everything! On our way back we drive through Wendy’s. Yes I am weak again and order a burger combo. Dammit! Back in the car garage time goes fast and I get back on a night bus back to hotel. My attempts to do some work stuff is useless, day was looong.

Day 3

Wake up at 8am, did some work related stuff and decided to go swimming. Went to the beach but to my surprise the water is still quite cold. Ok ocean, some other time. Got back to hostel and jumped in the pool which was ok. Took a walk around the neighbourhood, inspected some property sales and rentals as id like to joun the real estate business, i notice that owning an apartment is crazy just because of high monthly maintenance fees. Ok back to hostel and do some work and apply for some jobs, I will need some huge cash to start living here lol. Lets see if i can handle a couple months here :) couple hours later i get first call from potential employer. Waiting if they invite me to interview. Spent the rest of my day looking for a car to buy. But then found out it is ridiculously confusing and expensive to register for the first-timer! Im tired of this shit. Jet lag kicking in, very sleepy by 8pm already. Got a beer, talked to a fellow from Italy and girl from Switzerland. Then decided to fight my sleepiness and went to pool. Then discovered that i cant get drivers licence or anything without ssn, but need my green card to get an ssn. So i check the usps tracking and it says “was not delivered. Will be returned if enough information is available”. Here we go america! And then i discovered that everybody had gone to sleep and i left my keys in my room which now was locked. Awesome. Good thing the guy at the office was still around and 30 minutes later i got into my room. Fuck this shit, terrible day.

Day 4

Woke up and while having breakfast I met a french guy at the lobby who was going to get his Social security number. He let me drive with him, talked about a lot of stuff, he also just moved here and will move his family to florida in couple months. SSN application went fine and they said my SSN was never issued before though I had applied for it back in January. That is good, at least I wont have to deal with identity theft issues. But my green card is still mising in the post. I found a car for cheap that i want badly but it is far away and i need to get drivers licence and bank acc. and a lot of paperwork to register it on me. It is weird that I need to get Car insurance BEFORE I can buy a car – how fucked up is that? The french guy told me i dont need a car to get a drivers licence as he never did a test drive anyway. But I need a bank account to prove I have an address. I am sorry but who made up these messy laws? If I remember correctly I have already mentioned in various applications four different addresses in US that I have never been before, why would a bank account prove a correct location lol? The french guy went to Boynton to his work (where the car i want to buy actally is) but I go back to my hotel cause the checkout is in 15 minutes. It is raining ouside, im totally wet, I get on the bus and here we go again – the AC – it is freezing as hell.
Spent the rest of the day on craigslist, sent couple job applications, and browsed for info on how to get a drivers license. Its not so easy. On the evening booked a hostel in south beach, cheaper and closer to action :)

Day 5

Today is Formula D practice day. But I cant make it, its 100 miles away and nobody is going on friday there. Anothed guy from hostel got a car and took me to DMV office to get a drivers license, but oh yeah I cant get it because I have no social security number. Wtf. Ok so now everythiing is set back another 2 weeks which means I could have a normal life with a car and job no sooner than in a month, if my funds allow to buy a car and get an apartment.
Went to Bank of America, got an account and debit card. The cheapest option which is 5$ monthly fee. It will also serve as proof of addesss.
40min ride back to hotel, the bus is freezing again. Oh god how I hate the air conditioning!!
Checked out of the place and went on a 3 hour bus trip to Miami. Went through east and central Fort Lauderdale – omg it is beautiful there! Really, makes Miami beach look like a ghetto!
At FLL some Jeraey guy hopped on the bus, young and a bit foolish, that was my first impression, trying to run away from his home to stay out of problems. His target was his cousin in some restaurant but ended up staying in same hostel as me, cause he did not know where he would go at all..
The new hostel is actually new, opened 2 weeks before, and receptionist is a girl named Simona coming from Lithuania! Had a nice chat. In my room there was a hyperactive guy from Australia, a blonde girl from Sweden and some weird guy from Jerusalem. Oh and during the night some local black guy joined. He says he works with club promotion but I think he’s just a weed dealer, he talks too much.
Bought 12pack beer and watched the Heat game, Miami beat Pacers by large! And fans in the arena, wow!
After the game we sat outside, drank some beers and vodka coctails and went to a club the black guy told us he’d get us a table and vip entry. When we wanted to go he just disappeared. So we went to the club Cameo, stood at the entry for half an hour. We were the only whites there. They let in only ppl with friends in staff so we jest went away. Oh and entry was 80$ :D went to some pub, played pool, got myself a Jack and went back to sleep. Near the hostel I asked some french guys a lighter, one of them insisted that I say “please”.

Day 6. Formula D

Formula Drift day! Woke up with terrible headaches. Yeah i mixed it, but it is second time i drink beer here and feel its eating my brains out. Anyway, there is no public transport to the track. It takes 3hours of public transport and then an hour of walking – call that Miami-homestead Speedway :D I arranged with a friend that I go to Miami Zoo which is close to  the track and then he’d take me there. I chose a route that takes on various kinds of public transit – omniloop, which is an automatic electric train around the downtown, metrorail and couple buses. Timing is quite ok, probably because its not the rush hour. Down south the buses even had their own dedicated road and we just flew past the traffic, nice :)
Drift event. The reason I moved to florida. Nothing surprising or mind blowing. But definitely not disappointed. Just disappointed in myself as I missed the schedule to apply for media pass to get closer to action and get some nice pics/videos. Quite large event, lots of tuned cars around both in and out of the eventa at parking lot. Met some of the guys I already knew from Florida, met the suspension guru Mike Kojima at Falken team pits. Too bad their BRZ for Dai Yoshihara got engine problem just before qualification and they had to quit. In the top16 got only one driver of my professional interest – Ryan Tuerck – who also happened to participate in my home country last year. But in the first tandem runs he lost to Chris Forsberg. Then I just walked around, enjoyed the hot sunny day. And I got burnt a bit.
After the event me and a friend I know and his girfriend went to a nice restaurant in downtown Miami. We had been there before back in January and no disappointment despite their price increase over a few months the soup was just awesome and worth it! Definitely my favorite place in Miami!
They dropped me of at Bayside where I went to visit my friend from my country. Talked, laughed and then went home as she had to work early morning.
On my way back I accidentally stepped out of bus too early as I just misunderstood where I am. But I was on the very south of Miami beach. It was saturday night so I decided to check out how it is going on Ocean drive in the summer. Other than the huge masses of people nothing had changed. Same clubs, restaurants, drug dealers and homeless people. I got offered mariuana and cocaine every couple minutes.
It was a long day so I just went back to the hostel and passed out.

Day 7

Woke up late. Still tired from the long walks on saturday, so I worked for an hour and just went to lay on the beach. Oh the women with with weight problems, just beatiful on thr beach!
Soon it started to rain, so I went back and spent the rest of my day trying to do some stuff on pc, but it was sunday so I was quite lazy and went for a walk to Lincoln Rd. It is such a massive difference there from the “dirty” south beach across the Washington ave. Gt myself some snacks and went to search for a vape shop i just searched for in Google Maps. I really want to switch over from cigarettes so I just happened to spend 2 hours at the shop lol.
No purchases, just investigating. End of the day.

Day 8

Interview day
Just after I woke up I received an email my interview was postponed from 1pm to 4pm, ok no problem, I dont have anything planned anyway. It was a windy day with ocean waves higher than 1m which is quite rare on Miami beach, so I went there. The red flag was on and nobody was at the beach except for a dozen of kite-surfers. I need to learn how to surf and kite-surf!
Went to the interview, I had to fill out a couple of pages about myself and previous experience. It was weird, never done that except filling my LinkedIn online resume. The interview was quite okay, nothing I coulnt or wouldnt do. Of course I’d like to buy, repair and sell cars as there is quite a lot of potential in doing that, but I still have no social number or local driver license that would allow me to register cars. Lets see how this job turns out. Salary is ok as expected.
I am hardly walking as my foot injury from go karts racing 10 days before still has not healed and I dressed well including the shoes, which make walking painful with the injury.
Back to south beach…
I still cant believe how bad is the internet on smartphones, at least the Metropcs (MetroPieCeofShit) prepaid 4G. Just terrible. It wont work on the bus, on the beach, or anywhere where I have time to spend and fiddle with the phone. Getting different carrier asap.
Returned to hostel, swedish girl and australian guy had left, but new guy in room – Q, from Chicago. He said he is opening transport business soon so we talked about some job opportunities as i am a car guy. As soon as he found out I got some cash and want to buy a car, he started offering me some dirty shit like buying phones and laptops for cheap to sell. I was out of cigarettes so I went to shop and he kinda went to sleep, but my mind told me something is not right so I took a picture of my bag to remember the positions of all zippers. I just remembered what some street guys from Ocean drive taught me – locals don’t steal, its a lot of “tourists” from places like Chicago and Detroit that come on short trips and rob travelers. And surely enough when I returned the zippers were totally off and Quinsey was walking around the room a bit stressful. First big lesson – South Beach is a jungle. Ok, keep an enemy close. Told him about my lifestyle that i dont have much cash, my laptop is old shit and i need to work a bit on websites to get some money for living. He really insisted that I take a look at the phones I should buy and sell. He said that he even would go buy the phone (from his friend who imho doesnt exist) he’d go to a club and sell it and give me a share of profit to see how easy it is. Yeah, eat shit mo-fo. He went off but asked if I could lend him money some 20 bucks, I gave him my “last” 5 usd and 10 eur. Keep an enemy close, he’s staying here for a while. When he left i checked my bag if he hadn’t taken anything, my heart didn’t beat cause i couldnt find my passport. But it was there, found it. Phew. But our room was joined by no one other but Carl , the little black shady guy always talking too much. Also our room was joined by tall 55 year old black guy Rich from Boston, with piercings all over. During the evening we met on the patio and laughed all over some stories over our life, nice guy. I left and went around shops and searched for a big lock as the small luggage ones wouldn’t fit the construction of lockers in our room, took an hour to find.  I’m quite sure I need to leave this place for Freehand Miami – considered the best hostel in south beach, with pool, girls, parties in backyard and 20 blocks away from SB jungle. With a little bit peace of mind I went to sleep.

Day 9

Woke up at 9 cause thats when Q returned. He said he’d bring me money a couple hours later from the ATM. Whatever. A bit later the guys from hostel came to ask whos staying whos paying. I went out to ATM and paid. The weirdo guy from Jerusalem was thrown out because he didnt pay and didnt talk at all. So he spent rest of his day on the patio. Carl left. Another guy was thrown out cause he was on some drama asking discounts, wandering around the city at night while his stuff was inside. He looked fresh though, nice new clothes etc, but really lost, like ran away from home or smth.. A new guy joined us, some kid from Queens, NY. Left his stuff on bed and went into shower. When he came back I told him all I know so he doesnt throw his stuff around unattended, its jungle here. Q came in, took his stuff out to the lobby saying his account is blocked and he’d bring me cash later. Oh yes he will lol. I spent a few hours in the lobby talking with Rich, night shift receptionist and Simona who came for her day shift. We just laughed about all the weird stuff going on in SB. Oh and we learned that mr Q had stole some of Rich’s drugs. Rich said that if Q uses them he’d probably go straight to the grave, but most probably he’d just sell them.
I had arranged meeting with my friend, she was in south beach for doctor’s. But hours passed, I fell asleep and she didnt respond so fuck it. I went out to walk around Lincoln Rd and write smth here. I love it here, calm, restaurants full of people and really nice girls everywhere. I guess Im missing relationships, last two years were quite bad and full of drama, but well deserved, karma taught me a lot. Oh I got a reply from a webdev shop I accidentally ran upon in North FLL and sent them message on FB, but just didnt have the mood to walk in then. So now they might offer me some projects to do, sounds good. I hope, I really like part time jobs rather than full days at the office.
Pizza shops on Lincolns smell so good and make me hungry, gotta run away from them :D 10pm, going back to work some more or talk to Simona if shes still doing her shift. I like chatting with her, she’s even into electronic music, lounge type. Hopefully that Q motherfucker doesnt return, told Simona to send him to other room if he does. Oh I got weak, bought a hot pizza at 7eleven. Talked to Richard for a couple of hours, that dude is awesome, hadn’t laughed like that for quite a while, knows how to enjoy life and has walked a lot of great miles, he’s even on IMDB for helping out for a movie of his friends! Fun at its best.

Day 10

Woke up late. Thank god Chicago guy didnt return, though he had been at the hostel during the night but they wouldnt let him in because he was getting aggressive already.
When I sleep longer than 8 hours I wake up really tired and lazy, really hate it. so i spent my day on the beach. Figured out my green card envelope is still in Miami post office but it has lost its address sticker, we will try to get it asap.
When I got back to hostel, I received my vape ( how do i call it? E-cig? Vaper? Geez i hate the word e-cigarette) so I went to local vape shop for liquids and spent another hour there tasting various e-lliquids, got an invitation to two vape events in following days. On my way back filled myself with Subway soup combo. Back in hostel I was still in lazy mood, and the Jerusalem guy is driving me nuts with his weirdness. He asked Rich to go to the shop. It was the third time today. But Rich helps out just for fun. The Jerusalem guy said he’s on some heavy medicine so he eats only fruits and drinks milk. It took 20 minutes for the weirdo to decide what he really wants, so in the end it was 3 bananas and white coffee with no sugar. He’s counting every cent. In Miami. So we went to the shop , laughed every single second, brought everything back and left. The Jerusalem guy ( may I call him “the Jew”?) suddenly ran out and called for me. Ok so I walk back and he asks if I can take a little sip of his coffee (I think he asked Simona the same a couple days before), he thinks that somebody wants to poison him. Get outta here! I aint taking a sip out of your voodoo shit lol. Its already too much that we live in the same room!
Day is over, hadnt done anything worthy today. Gotta wake up early tomorrow, I dont like this lazy feeling, Miami is not cheap.
Got myself some chocolate cookies and muffins and cider.